A Sustainable Salon

La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon In Corbridge

La Suite Hair & Beauty, A Sustainable Salon in Corbridge, Northumberland

At  La Suite Salon in Corbridge, we will greet you with a warm welcome before using our years of experience and training to create a hair cut & style or colour you love. We not only look after our clients but the planet, too.

The health of your hair is also of utmost importance so you'll be glad to hear that we work with some of the world's leading suppliers such as Davines vegan hair colour and vegan hair styling products to bring you high-quality products and hair care which are also as sustainable as possible.

The cruelty free products we use, deliver outstanding results whilst being formulated to respect the environment, meaning you can give them with a clear conscience. 

Better still, we offer refills on all our shampoos and conditioners and give you 10% DISCOUNT when you do this - win, win!

Looking for Hairdressers in The Corbridge Area Who Use Vegan Hair Colour?

Davines pride themselves on being the best for the world, creators of a good life for all through beauty, ethics and sustainability.  These values very much mirror our own here at La suite which is why we love working with this brand.

Davines vegan hair colours are formulated to respect the environment whilst still providing outstanding results in terms of shine, condition and colour durability.  The products combine the best properties of nature with innovative technology, developed in Davines Laboratories.   For example, quinoa protein extract is used to enhance colour absorption and lock in the colour for lasting results while a natural vegetal conditioner, rich in Omega 9, guarantees bright and vibrant colours.

Find out more about our full range of hair colour services in Northumberland. 

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

La Suite - An Green, Eco Hair & Beauty Salon, Corbridge, NorthumberlandWe truly care for the world live in and are proud of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why we are proud to use Olaplex who share our ethos and are committed to sustainability, reducing waste and helping the environment.

Not only do they use cruelty-free, non-toxic formulas, but Olaplex treatments are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Phosphates. In 2020, Olaplex saved 27 mm gallons of water- this is equivalent to providing 90K households with their average daily water consumption. 21k trees were saved from being cut down because of our efforts.

La Suite - An Green, Eco Hair & Beauty Salon, Corbridge, Northumberland

As an environmentally sensitive hair and beauty salon in Northumberland, we work hard to eliminate unnecessary waste materials and pollution and reduce our carbon footprint by using disposable products wherever we can.

We take care and attention to every choice we make selecting fair trade products when possible that still deliver excellent results and work to improve and protect the quality of your hair, scalp and skin.

Some of the ways we achieve this include:

  • We use Vegan haircare & colouring products
  • We use disposable products wherever we can
  • We use compostable & recyclable wherever possible
  • We use cruelty-free products
  • We only use LED fittings
  • We use Scrummi hairdressing towels which are disposable and biodegrade in 8 -12 weeks

Who Are The Vegan Hair Colour Experts Near Me?

We'd love to see you at our Corbridge hair & beauty salon. To contact us for an appointment, simply call us on 01434 239154. You can see examples of work via our Instagram page.