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It's time to say 'goodbye' to frizzy unmanageable hair and 'hello' to beautiful smooth hair with this fantastic hair smoothing treatment at La Suite Hair Salon in Corbridge.

The Nice and Smooth in-salon professional hair smoothing treatment will give you healthy, strong, shiny hair that remains smooth and frizz-free for up to 12 weeks.  It will halve your blow-drying time and change your hair texture from wiry to soft, eliminating frizz along the way.

This treatment is effective on all hair types, including coloured hair and curly hair, but it is important you book in for a complimentary hair smoothing consultation so we can assess your hair type and condition and the results we can expect to achieve with your hair. 

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The Benefits Of Nice And Smooth Hair Smoothing

There are so many benefits to having a Nice and Smooth hair treatment at La Suite Hair Salon in Corbridge! As well as radically reducing frizz, this will improve your hair's manageability, giving a softer texture, increased shine and repairing damaged hair.  It will also radically decrease the time you spend drying your hair.  Your hair will also feel stronger as it strengthens the hair's bonds, creating a solid foundation of healthy hair.

All products are also free of SLS and Parabens and are cruelty-free, vegan, and packaged using 100% recycled UK plastic.

before after hair smoothing at la suite hairdressers in corbridge

Smooth Hair For Up To 12 Weeks

The aim of our hair smoothing treatment is to give you smoother, frizz-free, healthier hair that lasts, with care, for up to 12 weeks.  It will not give you poker-straight hair.  Having said that, do not be alarmed if your hair looks incredibly straight immediately after treatment.  This is because we use flat irons to activate the bond-building part of the treatment.  The use of flat irons results in very straight hair on the first day of your treatment.  After 48 hours you can wash your hair which will remain smooth but will also have volume and body.  If you have curly hair, your curls will come back softer and more defined.

Is This A Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment?

We can confidently say that our hair smoothing is better than a keratin hair smoothing treatment.  Traditional Brazilian Blow Dries or Keratin Hair Straightening treatments work on the outside of the hair and use formaldehyde which wraps around each hair strand.  This means the outside of your hair looks shiny and sleek, but the inside remains as damaged as it ever was.  

The team behind The Hair Movement which developed Nice and Smooth pioneered professional hair smoothing and introduced a mix of ingredients which work deep into the cortex of the hair.  Damaged or weakened bonds are repaired and strengthened. This increases the hair’s health, strength, softness, shine, and overall manageability.

Hair Smoothing For Curly Hair & Coloured Hair

Hair smoothing works on all hair types unless you have damaged hair that simply is unable to take the heat during the infusing stage. If this is the case, we will recommend some treatments to improve its structure so it is ready for the Nice and Smooth Hair Smoothing treatment.   This treatment also works on coloured hair but it is worth noting that you should have your hair colour a few days (or longer) after your hair smoothing treatment. 

Looking After Your New Smooth Hair

For best results, please do not shampoo for 48 hours.  When you do decide to cleanse your hair, you can use the 100ml shampoo and conditioner and 20ml miracle masque we will provide. You’ve invested in your hair so please maintain it with the right products. 

You may experience a wheat smell on wet hair for up to five shampoos after your treatment.  This aroma disappears once your hair is dry.  This is a combination of the hydrolysed wheat ingredient and residue of the carbocysteine which is still working on your hair.

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