Hair Removal

Waxing Treatments At La Suite Beauty Salon In Corbridge

Our beauty therapists offer expert warm waxing hair removal for women including the classic bikini and popular Brazilian wax. Waxing is a temporary hair removal treatment that strips the hair directly from the root to guarantee an immediate smooth and clean finish. Your beauty therapist will offer an efficient and discreet service and will do her best to keep any discomfort to a minimum. Remove unwanted hair from the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, underarms, forearms, legs, bikini line and more intimate areas of the body.

Start your journey today towards gorgeously smooth, hair-free skin by booking an appointment with the friendly and professional team at La Suite beauty salon, for the best hair reduction services in Corbridge & Hexham, Northumberland. Call us on 01434 239154 or book online.


Waxing hair removal experts in Northumberland

Remove Unwanted Hair Using Warm Waxing

To ensure your comfort we use warm wax which is applied to the skin using a spatula before being removed with paper strips. Rest assured your beauty therapist will ensure your comfort & modesty at all times. You should always ensure the area to be waxed is clean and moisturised before arriving for your appointment. For optimum results, exfoliate and moisturise the area between waxing treatments and let your hair grow for at least three weeks. 

Intimate Waxing For Women

Stay smooth and sleek with a Brazilian wax or standard bikini wax service at La Suite. When it comes to intimate waxing there are lots of different types and styles – so here’s a handy guide to help you decide what wax you want. There’s no need to, but if you do feel a bit embarrassed or nervous, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can keep your knickers on while you have this waxing treatment carried out!

If you are looking for a simple tidy up then opt for waxing around the bikini line itself, we can keep things looking natural, as hair is only removed from outside of where your underwear sits. This means any annoying hair above your pants or around the top of your thighs will be banished!

A popular method of intimate hair removal for women is the Brazilian wax. This involves having almost all the hair from all over your pubic area is removed. That means everything from the top, sides and all the way under and around your bum, leaving just a small strip or triangle-shaped piece of hair at the front of the pubic area.