Balayage & Ombré

Balayage & Ombré At La Suite Hair Salon In Corbridge

As a nation we've all been in love with balayage ever since Sarah Jessica Parker leapt onto the scene with her root-stretched blonde barnet!  Balayage and ombré are showing no signs of disappearing any time soon and remain one of our most popular hair colour techniques.

With many different variations for balayage and ombre, we highly recommend you bring in some photographs of balayage colours you love.  We can then recreate the look for you.  Balayage is created by adding freehand vertical sections of colour throughout your hair, growing lighter towards the ends.  Ombré gives a more two-tone effect but is also usually darker at the roots and lighter at the tips. 

Book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation prior to your balayage appointment so we can get your look just right.  Call La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon in Corbridge on 01434 239154 or book online here.    

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On-Trend Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage is one of our most asked-for hair colours and there are plenty of reasons why it's so popular!  Firstly, we can create gorgeous sun-kissed blonde colours throughout your hair which looks as if you've just stepped off the plane from Barbados.  Secondly, this is an incredibly flattering look which is also low-maintenance because your root regrowth tends to be less noticeable with balayage. 

Red Balayage & Fashion Colours

There is no doubt that a red hair colour can be a bold choice which is why red balayage is such a fantastic option if you are starting out on your red hair journey!  As with blonde balayage, we can brighten up your hair by adding red tones throughout it in vertical sections.  Your colour choice can be bold or subtle and we can use a wide array of red shades including fashion reds, copper tones, and darker auburn hues.  

Bespoke Hair Colour At La Suite Hair Salon In Corbridge

We really are the best hair colour experts in Corbridge, offering a huge range of different options when it comes to your hair.  If you require a more bespoke hair colour, please book a free consultation so we can chat through some ideas.  We love getting creative and are always up for a challenge, so give us a call on 01434 239154 today. 

Balayage Appointments At La Suite Hair Salon In Corbridge

A new hair colour can really accentuate your hairstyle, adding depth and dimension, so it really is worth the investment.  You can book your hair colour appointment at La Suite hairdressers in Corbridge by calling our professional & friendly team on 01434 239154 or book online here.