Manicures & Pedicures At La Suite Beauty Salon In Corbridge

Your nails can take centre stage when it comes to looking fabulous, so a perfect manicure or pedicure (with or without gel nails) is a must for many of us in this busy day and age. Many of us struggle with our nails, whether they be brittle and weak or we nibble at them! Rather than having to keep tidying up bitten nails or chipped nail varnish every few days, we can create a more permanent solution with our nail enhancements & spa treatments for the hands and feet in our Corbridge nail bar.

All our nail services at La Suite Beauty Salon begin with a thorough consultation to ensure we give you the fabulous nails you've been dreaming of.  From long almond shaped claws to short & sweet squared off nails, our talented nail technicians can sculpt any shape, design and look imaginable!

Gel Nails For Hands & Feet

We offer the full range of nail colours to give you flawless, shiny nails that look healthy and strong. Gel nails are hardened under a safe ultraviolet light to give you perfect nails for up to two weeks with no smudges, chips or flakes! The benefits of gel nails are that they dry instantly with a high shine. You can choose to have a natural-looking nail, French tips or have your favourite nail colour. 

Acrylic Nail Extensions 

We really are specialists when it comes to your nails.  Our nail technicians can transform short, unsightly nails with the latest nail enhancements, giving you longer nails that remain shiny and perfect for weeks. We can deliver a wide variety of acrylic nail enhancement finishes and styles at La Suite beauty salon near Hexham, Northumberland including the classic French manicure as well as ombre nails and pretty pastels for the ultimate nail finish.  

All nail enhancements are created using liquid & powder (acrylic) nails. We can add length to your nails by using tips or a form and overlaying with the acrylic nail enhancement. If you are happy with the length of your nails, but you have issues with them being weak, you can have a natural nail overlay of acrylic to add strength.

Glitter Nails & Swarovski Gem Nails

The key to a great set of nails is to visit a qualified, professional nail technician. So, if you are looking for the best nail bar in the Corbridge area you've come to the right place at La Suite. We love to get creative and have fun with nail designs to bring you the top nail art trends and techniques.  From chrome nails, pretty floral nail art, Swarovski gem nails for added sparkle or iridescent glitter nails, we are sure to have a design you will love!  

Spa Manicures & Pedicures

Beautiful, strong, healthy nails can now be yours courtesy of the expert nail technicians at La Suite Beauty Salon in Corbridge. Our pampering spa manicures and pedicures (with or without The Gel Bottle gel nail polish) offer the ultimate indulgence. Massaging your nails, cuticles and the skin on your hands, encourages the renewal of important skin cells and aids nail growth leaving nails longer and feeling stronger.  Cuticles take care of the cells of your nails, so looking after them is essential for healthy nails. Choose from an array of stunning varnishes to help protect your nails and create a beautiful finish.

Nail Art At La Suite Beauty Salon In Corbridge

If you are looking for something more eye-catching, our nail technicians offer a superb range of nail art options. Perhaps you've seen a design you love, or you would like some inspiration from our nail specialists. Whatever you decide, rest assured our nail art experts absolutely love creating exquisite designs for your nails.

Twinkle Toes Pedicures For Children

The perfect treatment to make your little princesses & princes feel like royalty and join in the fun of visiting the salon. Our twinkle toes pedicures include beautifully filing and shaping the nails for a neat finish. Our children’s pedicures are finished off with a fun and playful colour such as pink, blue or red or for full-on glamour lots of glitter nails!

Nail Appointments At La Suite Beauty Salon In Corbridge

If you would like further advice or require a consultation for any of the nail services or beauty treatments at La Suite Hairdressing & Beauty Salon in Corbridge, call the salon on 01434 239154 to speak to a member of our skilled beauty team or book online.