Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction 

Has your hair colour gone horribly wrong at home or elsewhere? Stay calm and book an appointment with the experts at La Suite where our highly trained team can rectify your hair colour disaster.

During a consultation, our professional colourists can assess the damage & create a plan of action to correct your hair colour, improving its appearance as soon as possible. We know it’s hard but try not to panic, we are the hair colour experts in Northumberland, so the sooner you come to visit us the better! You never need to be embarrassed to come in with any hair colour problems because we’ve seen and corrected many hair colour disasters here at La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon in Corbridge.


Common Hair Colour Problems

Whether your hair is over-bleached or has turned brassy or yellow, we assess the condition of your hair before putting a plan into place to restore your hair to the colour you want. At La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon in Corbridge, we are highly experienced & equipped to sort out your hair colour disaster, returning your hair to its best condition & preventing further hair problems.

Don’t attempt to correct your hair colour at home because you will likely just make the situation even worse! 

Repairing Over-Processed & Dry Hair 

Over-processed hair can be dry & brittle, leaving it looking dull & lifeless. There are many contributing factors that can cause this, such as prolonged exposure to the sun, sea or chlorine. Even if your hair is over-processed due to any of these reasons, at our Corbridge salon, we can colour hair that is dry & damaged, transforming your hair to a gorgeous colour that’s in great condition! We will do this using the best products to replenish the moisture that has been lost by your hair to return it to a happy, healthy state.

If you’re experiencing hair breakage or perhaps your hair just won’t grow – you need to get some OLAPLEX in your life! OLAPLEX™ products, can be used with your usual hair colouring service to give strength, shine and vibrant colour to even the most over-processed hair. 

Improving Uneven Hair Tones 

Our colourists are highly trained in the art of hair dye, which is why we recommend you come into our Northumberland salon to have your hair coloured rather than doing it at home. Colouring your hair at home using box dye can result in uneven hair tones & bands of overlapping colour throughout your hair.

If you have had a home dye kit disaster, don’t worry! We can correct any uneven tones, bands of hair colour or hair colour that is too yellow or brassy. At a consultation, we will assess each part of your hair & come up with individual plans for each section depending on what the different problems are. The end result will be a beautifully even & gorgeous hair colour!

Book Your Colour Correction Appointment at Top Northumberland Salon

Don’t let your hair colour disaster ruin your day! Call us to book an appointment now on 01434 239154 or book online.