Spring Hair & Beauty Trends

The Top Trends At La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon In Corbridge

Feel refreshed and beautiful this season with the best hair and beauty treatments at La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon in Northumberland.

Pamper yourself and you’ll be totally on-trend by visiting our Corbridge salon for the latest Spring hair and beauty trends.

Our expert team are highly trained in all the latest hair and beauty techniques to make you look and feel fabulous from your head to your toes.

Not sure what treatments to get? Take a look at the top hair and beauty trends this Spring to inspire your next appointment with us.

The Money Piece

The ‘money piece’ hair colouring technique is another name for face framing highlights. This involves lightening the hair framing your face which draws attention to your features and is very flattering - especially when paired with balayage.

Balayage involves our expert colour technicians hand-painting highlights throughout your hair for a natural, sun-kissed look. This Spring sees a new twist on this classic hair colouring technique – ‘reverse balayage’. As the name suggests, reverse balayage inverts balayage so that your roots are lightened and the tips of your hair are darker for a super cool effect.

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The Best Nail Art In Corbridge

You deserve to feel your best from the tips of your fingers right down to your toes! This is why you should get a manicure and pedicure at La Suite Hair & Beauty Salon in Northumberland.

If you are new to our beauty services, we also have a New Client Offer for you - get £10 off any beauty service over £20 with this new client deal!

We offer a range of nail services including gel nail colour for hands and feet, acrylic nail extensions, glitter nails and Swarovski Gem nails. Our skilled nail technicians can also create stunning nail art for your manicure or pedicure (or both!). Just take a look at these perfect hand-painted hearts our nail tech created for one of our clients here!

Hot Stone Massage

When you feel good, you look good, too! If you’ve been feeling tense and stressed, unwind and relax with our soothing Hot Stone Massage.

Our talented therapists use a range of massage techniques coupled with the hot stones which warm the muscles and allow our therapists to work deep into the areas of tensions. Through this they can gently relieve pain, reduce stiffness and improve circulation for an overall relaxing experience.

best hot stone massages at Corbridge hair beauty salon

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